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Our Utility, Garage & Commercial Doors are all made from Fibre Reinforced Plastic, more commonly known as fibreglass or GRP. It is an immensely resilient, durable and lightweight composite material, produced by combining strands of glass with thermoset resins.
Utility, Garage & Commercial Doors
Examples of Utility & Commercial Doors

Manufacture of Garage

& Commercial Doors

The door leaf itself is constructed of two sheets of 3mm glass fibre skins.

The door face can be woodgrain and tongued and grooved in appearance.

For further details, please click on the Product Specification link below.

These Doors do not Bow, Twist or Rot

Unlike most other doors on the market, our GRP shed doors are guaranteed against bowing, twisting, rusting or distortion in any way.

No Door Painting or Staining

There is no requirement for paint. All the skins are completely colour fast and can be manufactured in any B.S. colour.

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