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Our versatile roofing products offer durability and strength, effectively keeping out water and withstanding weathering. RGW Roe is a long established glass fibre roofing manufacturer, offering a complete package whatever your roofing requirements.We supply smooth and non-slip finishes, all with a 20-year manufacturer guarantee.

A great advantage of our roofing is that it can easily be extended, refurbished and repaired when damage occurs. BBA approved products with specifically modified roofing resins are essential for flat roof coverage.
Roofing Products
Examples of our Fibreglass Roofing work

Roofing Products

Our Roofs come in 2 different finishes

Why use Fibreglass Roofing?

Fibreglass Roofing is tough and hard wearing and can last for many years which is why it comes with our 20 years manufacturers guarantee.

The roof can be repaired if it has been physically damaged and also be extended or re-furbished.

Can be used as a base for balconies, on which customers can lay tiles or use as garden decking.

Replaces lead and has no intrinsic value to thieves.

For further details, please click on the Product Specification link below.

Roofing Information:

When selecting a covering for your flat roof, insist on a product that has been BBA Approved and that is based on specifically modified roofing resins.

Fibreglass Roofing
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