Another Swimming Pool Ready
We have many years experience working with every type of GRP Swimming Pool product and how it reacts with water.

This has enabled us to always use the right materials for the specified job and in turn leading us to formulate brand new types of gel coat to cover our range of swimming pools.

Photos were taken recently of a new swimming pool completed and about to be shipped to the customer.
Protect Your Roof
You’ll need to find a replacement product that offers superb performance in a number of applications where you need to either exclude or contain water.

When selecting a covering for your flat roof, insist on a product that has been BBA Approved and that is based on specifically modified roofing resins.
Having just gone through a harsh Winter, its a good time to check your old felt covered garage roofs which are at risk from frost damage and leaking.
New Boats for Delivery
Our most recent involvement is to manufacture the moulding tools for the new Westwood A390 and its future production.
We have been manufacturing a new range of boats for Westwood Marine.
At present we are making boat hull number 7. To find out more, click here.
Huge Cast of Dinosaurs
We were asked by Blackpool Zoo to fabricate GRP dinosaurs for display in the Zoo gardens. This lead to us manufacturing over 50 different dinosaur moulds which can now be seen on display.

This was one of the more unusual fabrication request of last few years.

Even we were surprised as to the extent of this project.