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Recent Pools under Construction
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RGW Roe & Son have been manufacturing Swimming Pools here in the UK  for many years and are considered by many to be the best. All of our pools are guaranteed 10 years.

With a GRP product there's no liner to puncture or no concrete to crack! There is a fantastic range of different shapes and sizes of Pools; these are almost impossible to achieve with any other material.
About Our Pools
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How we Construct our Pools
Illustration shows wall sample of our fibreglass swimming pools showing matched quality materials used in their construction.

Close-Beam Construction means your Pool is built using the Strongest Method of Construction available in the Industry

Chemical Resistant and NPG Stabilised Gelcoat

Epoxy Based Vinyl Ester Resin Impervious to Water and provides Osmosis Protection

Three Structural Layers Of Fibreglass built to the required Structural thickness; No Fillers Added

Special Blue Flowcoat Seals any exposed fibres
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