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The door leaf is constructed of two colour through 3mm thick glass fibre skins bonded onto a 50mm x 38mm recyclable polymer subframe manufactured from recycled waste.

The core of the door is constructed with closed cell slab foam and secured by using moisture cured adhesives. By using this method we can guarantee that the internal core is completely solid and that no air has been trapped inside the doorleaf.

Doors are hung on 3no brass hinges and fitted into a P21 recyclable polymer outer frame also manufactured from recycled waste. Each door is fitted with a double weather seal using a culon gasket and a front wool pile seal.

No Bow, Twist or Rot
Unlike most other doors, our colour through GRP composite doors are guaranteed against bowing, twisting, rusting or any other form of distortion.

No Painting or Staining
Our GRP composite doors are totally coloured through, so the need for painting never arises.

Security & Hardware
All Doors are fitted with high security multipoint locks with fully adjustable keeps, lever handles and rain deflectors.

Letter plates and spy holes can also be fitted. Low-level thresholds are also available.

Door Edges
Our doors are manufactured to the customer's exact measurements thus eliminating the need to reduce the stiles and rails and enabling the door to maintain its strength.

A complete range of B S and RAL colours are available
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