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Manufacture of our Commercial Doors. The door leaf itself is constructed of two sheets of 3mm glass fibre skins. The door face is woodgrain and can be tongued and grooved in appearance.

These two skins are bonded onto a 50mm x 38mm recycled polymer sub frame manufactured from recycled waste and a closed cell slab foam core by using only moisture cured adhesives.

By using this method, we can guarantee that the internal core is completely solid and that no air has been trapped inside.

The Commercial Doors are produced to the customer's exact overall frame size, using a recycled polymer section to frame the doorleaf. Manufacturing to the finished size eliminates the need to reduce the stiles and rails, which would otherwise affect the strength of the door. As there are no exposed edges and all the corners are welded no ongoing maintenance is necessary.

Outer frame
Our Commercial Doors are supplied fitted into a P21 recycled polymer outer frame, which is manufactured entirely from recycled waste. The frame includes an anti rattle gasket.

All Commercial Doors are manufactured with 50mm stiles and include lock blocks and hinge blocks.

Therefore any type of hinge i.e. T.hinge, strap hinge or Stainless Steel butt hinges can be used. The locking furniture used is either Suffolk latches or mortice locks.
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