We were asked by Blackpool Zoo to fabricate GRP dinosaurs for display in the Zoo gardens. This lead to us manufacturing over 50 different dinosaur moulds which can now be seen on display.

How to make a Dinosaur
We fabricate dinosaurs from detailed moulds building up from the ground until finally demoulding a complete dinosaur.

The initial dinosaurs are made in clay and then wrapped in special resins to form the moulds.

As you can see from this and previous pages, at RGW we are willing to take on any challenge and manufacture any product.

We have and can produce a huge range of varied products. Why not get in touch with us about your ideas and we can make them happen.

With thanks to Blackpool Zoo
website for the on site images.
Huge Cast of Dinosaurs
This was one of the more unusual fabrication request of last few years.

Even we were surprised as to the extent of this project
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